Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it too much.......

I truly dislike utter incompetence at doctors offices. I now have had to make another apointment, so now instead of 150 mile round trip, it will be 300 miles for this appointment. I am sure when I suggest they pay for my fuel they will have the same look on thier face as when I told them maybe the doctor should miss lunch, since I missed breakfast to be there on time. When a doctors office is moved across town, I do not think it is to much to expect a letter telling me the new address.

I had a total meltdown in the waiting room of the office, then as usual I got a little bit manic. My silver lining today....I did NOT put my fist through one of their walls. I was right at a hospital, so the broken hand would have been taken care of quickly, but they probably would have tossed me in a psych ward.

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