Monday, March 8, 2010

food vs fuel

I was talking to a couple of friends about enjoying your food, as opposed to it just being fuel for the body. They said, I don't eat for enjoyment. I don't mean enjoyment as in entertainment. Should'nt you enjoy what it is you eat? If you only eat to fuel your body and taste and texture don't matter then you could eat stodge and be just as fueled up.

My friend Michael Love is working on general health, wellness and longevity, all are worthy of more study. Michael has invented a few recipes (see his blog proclus) based on the chemical components of nutrients. When researching some of these components I found there are options to ingredients, for instance pepper, everyone thinks black pepper, I suggest trying pink, white or green pepper instead.

Vinegars are not just white, apple cider and rice wine, there are many different vinegars from all over the world, try one, or two, or even a fruit vinegar. Rice vinegar is different than rice wine vinegar, cane vinegar is a nice subtle vinegar, and I have even found a peach vinegar, guess which one I will use to can peaches.

Yes food is fuel for your body, but it should be an enjoyable experience for your tongue and tummy, in fact food should make your tummy smile in anticipation of another bite.


  1. Nice article! I am afraid that I may be one of your friends that has a less favorable view of food. I am delighted that healthy foods are so often very tastey, but who has time to eat! I have been thinking more about this aspect of the problem lately, and I think that it is the problem of necessities. Necessities are hindrance and annoyance, but they cannot be avoided, so you might as well make the best of them. If you make the best of the necessities, then you will enjoy them more. Some will opt for best nutrition, others for best taste. I am afraid that my mother and wife both insisted on good nutrition, sometimes over good taste, and I ate many things that I did not wish to, because they were good for me. Although I appreciated their efforts, this can sometimes be taken to extreme, so that the food becomes less enjoyable. It is important to enjoy your food. If you choose best nutrition, then you will enjoy better health and longevity as well.


  2. You can enjoy best nutrition along with best tasting food. There no excuse for an exprienced cook to serve sub par food. Ok with a few exceptions, when the cook does not feel well and no one else will at that time, well you get what you get.

    Food can be nutrictious and still be sinfully good to your tastbuds.