Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biscuits Berries and Boobquake

I have found that i really enjoy making stovetop biscuits. I was looking for my biscuit cutter, nowhere to be found, yes I know I can use a glass to cut the biscuits....So when at wal-mart this week, I thought as well as buying new knives, I a would get a biscuit cutter too. I could not find one that had a middle insert that can be removed or put back in to make doughnuts. All I found was 3 nestled in each other with a lid to keep them all together. You could cut perfectly round in those three sizes, or you could turn them upsidedownand have fluted edges. Big fat hairy deal. I could not get them apart to use them, very annoying.

On to berries. I got the biggest juiciest strawberries yesterday, took will power not to eat them on the way home. After rinsing them, they tasted as if someone had sprinkled suger over them, and they were so juicy yoou could just suck the juices right into your mouth, then take a bite of the strawberry.
all I can say is yyuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyy!

Boobquake was set for Monday april 26, 2010. The idea being show off a little cleavage or wear short shorts that day to see if "scantily clad" women wear the cause of the last few devistating earthquakes.

I looking for recent quakes yesterday the Daily mail from the UK said there had been one in Tiawan, however this earthquake cannot be verified. The picture they showed was the area that had a landslide a week or so ago, so that one is questionable.

There were not any large earthquakes, and thankfully no devistating earthquakes anywhere. Wondering what the Muslim cleric would have to say now.

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