Saturday, June 4, 2011

Been a long time:

It has been a long time since I have posed anything, sorry about that.

Just skip the past there because, well it was not very interesting, even to me and I lived it.

This year the fire season is at a 30 year high, makes me wonder what I might come home to every time I leave. We did get a fire stopped in time, all of the little mountain towns sent out fire trucks, took forever for the forest service to respond. Because of our quick action and heaven only knows how many phone calls I made this fire was only 2.5 acres. Breathe a sigh of relief.

We went from winter straight into summer, no getting used to the heat this year. It is so dry even the honey bees are carrying water back to the hive instead of pollen. Luckily all of the outdoor animals have shared the water with no problem, this includes rattlesnakes. I did not know they actually drank water.

Someone needs to tell me why rattlesnakes insisted on having sex outside my kitchen window? not something I want to see in the morning, or even, well ever.

I went to Grand Outlandish Tournaments this year, we were lucky to be able to have it at all, seeing as all the parks are closed. Because the society for Creative Anachronism are such good stewards of the land the county allowed us to use the park again. We had to close site early due to expected very high winds, and people had already lost tents, and the blowing dirt, well lets just say it got everywhere. I lost siege cooking, but the bright side is, I can compete next year. All around a good time was had by most.

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