Monday, June 6, 2011

Have no name for this post

My brother was in Albuquerque for a gun show over the weekend, so I got to visit with him for a while. After breakfast the next morning, I did a little running around with my friend Cora Brittain, running around = bead shop and taking Eddie to Albuquerque Little theatre for the last rehersal for Hair Spray. Went to Tammy's house to drop off a couple of things and to pick up a box of lace, I love having new lace to work with, and trading or giving the odds and ends benefits both parties.

However, I had to go to walmart, hate that place when parents or lets just say adults for the most part do not control thier children. There was one particular little girl maybe 3 that had to let out and earplitting scream every few seconds. I do not think this child was special just an anoyying lettle brat whose parents have not taught better. No excuse for behavior like that.

So today I woke up not being able to stand up straight, all my joints hurt, and swollen ankles, all of this just because I had to do a few errands after seeing my brother to make the trip worth the fuel used. I need to be nearer civilazation, but having to pay in pain for doing anything is just not right.

They - anyone that is not me is they - the God does not give you more than you can handle, so why is it everytime I hurt this bad does not being here cross my mind? for a nano second I can clearly see how I can do it, it is lucky that I am a survivor, and refuse to give up no matter how bad things get. I tell myself each time this happens there is not anything on this earth worh my doing myself in. No matter how much I pray and beg for the pain to stop, it does not, medicines created by man does not help either. So yet again when I plan on doing something in my house the pain is to great to do more than try to sleep and cry. I am a good person so why must I endure this? What really makes this life so good that I struggle to live it.

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